Auxillary Services

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spick and span

We provide house-cleaning services on a monthly or annual contract basis using professionally trained cleaners from our commercial contract cleaning division.[/icon_box]

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with expert advice

We provide emergency removal of pest infestations as well as advice on the best mechanisms for dealing with on-going pest and rodent control.[/icon_box]

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within 4 hours

We make cleaning a water tank easy, simply book the date and our team will arrive at your home inspect, drain and clean your tank within 4 hours.[/icon_box]

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professionally trained

You can have professionally trained team and equipped with commercial grade equipment and chemicals take care of your pool too![/icon_box]

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spick and span

We provide experienced window cleaners complete with all the equipment required to get at the hardest points in your home.[/icon_box]

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in and out

We provide internal and external painting services.

[icon_box icon=”icon-tools” icon_position=”top” border=”0″ title=”HANDYMAN JOBS”]

equipped labour

We can provide labour (skilled or unskilled) only or with necessary tools for any job that you wish to undertake.[/icon_box]

[icon_box icon=”icon-cog” icon_position=”top” border=”0″ title=”AMAZING SUPPORT”]

maintenance and more!

The tagline is ‘Maintenance & More’! If you need something done with your home, we can do it.[/icon_box]

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